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My name is Rose!

I'm theowner ofPaws'n' PuddlesPet Sitting & Dog Walking Service andI delight in the role I have chosen as a Professional Pet Sitter.Myserviceprovides the opportunity for your pet(s)to remain in thecomfort of their familiar surroundings.

My service is the perfect alternative for anxious pets, elderly pets or pets with behavioral challenges such as barking or house breaking or pets that require medication and need to have a sense of peace and reassurance they are safe while your away from home.Let us alsoinclude, the convenience and peace of mind for the owner knowing their pets are snug as a bug at home in the caring hands of a professional pet sitter.

I include in my services, to list a few,dog walks with each visit, making sure your pet(s) are fed according to your instructions, dispense medicationaccording to your instructions,your companion(s) are given plenty of attention/playtime, and cuddle time at no additional cost.

I understand hownerve racking it can be when searching fora responsible pet care provider. You want to trust the individual or facility who will be taking care of your pet while you're away from home. Boarding facilities can run high, especially if you're boarding more than one pet andsome pet(s) suffer from anxiety as a result of boarding causing diarrhea,loss ofappetite, notsleeping through the night and possibly barking causing concerns to the boarding facility.

You can opt toaskingfriendsor family members (often the most affordable option)to watch yourpet(s).Butyour pet(s) might not get the care your expecting? Yourdog may not get walked twice a day? or your catmay not be allowed to sleep on the bed? Most importantly, friends and family membersmost likely arenot insured, licensed or bonded. What if, something was to happen?An injury to the pet?...your pet(s) were neglected?...oryour companion(s)or person's in charge caused damage to your home or pet(s) caused damage to their home?Who is left responsible?

Through my own experiencesI would choose a Professional, one who is Insured, Licensed & Bonded and who dedicates his/her time solelyonproviding tendercareto the ownerspet(s)who are so much a part ofthe family.

I personally pride myself onproviding quality of service, reliability and dependability while on the job, a job I love.

It's my goal togive you a sense of peace, knowing you have left yourpet(s) in very trusting and compassionate hands. Hands that will provide the best of care for your pet(s).

Remember... "You Are the Delight of Your Pet's Heart"

Sincere Regards,

Rose Spellman, Licensed. Bonded & Insured Pet Sitter


Please feel free toget in touch withmeby click here for my contact form or call me directly at: (619) 633-8118

I'll look forward to hearing from you!

Thank You forvisiting my Website

Rose M. Spellman
Paws 'n' Puddles Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service

Amember of NAPPS also,
Licensed, Bonded & Insured throughPet Sitter Associates, LLC

Member of (Reviews Available)

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